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Who are you shopping for this festive season?

We all have friends and family who suit different types of gifts, with the Zebra Knits knitted homewares & accessories you have plenty to choose from for all kinds of present ideas :)

Savvy & Sustainable

Is your friend someone who loves all things eco-friendly? Gets mad when you ask for a takeaway cup in your local coffee shop? And their favourite place to hang out is deep inside the charity shop rails - then our reversible bags are the perfect gift! Zebby designed the reversible bags to flip inside out and reveal a second cute colour option to match any outfit.

No FOMO over here

Got a pal who LOVES a night in on the couch? The thought of getting out of bed & popping on an uncomfortable outfit send real life shivers down their spine? Then look no further, our range of cosy knitted homewares are the perfect gift for that person you get jealous off when your hailing a cab at 1am in the freezing cold. Our knitted knot cushions are Zebby’s best selling creation, an un-knottable cushion made for cuddling, anti-social or not.

A home with attitude

Have someone in your life who you can’t help but say ‘wow’ when you walk through their front door? Every corner of their house filled with an amazing eye-catching decoration that you convince yourself ‘I could make that too … maybe’ Our knitted blankets are the perfect bold colour clash that this person needs. After spending all day dusting over their many quirky bits & bobs, surely they need nothing more than a sit down on the couch. Made from soft wool fabric and a huge 5ft by 6ft wide there’s room for the whole family under our knitted blanket.

Baby on the way

Another amazing use for our best selling knitted knot cushion is with parents or parents to be, our ‘mini’ size knitted knot cushion has been universally loved by babies everywhere who just need that extra bit of support when trying their best at tummy time, or giggling away during a nappy change. The funky patterns & colours you can choose from makes this the perfect personal gift for parent & baby, and the ‘chunky’ size is a more modern twist on the classic pregnancy pillow - to pregnant people out there, we’ve got your back - literally.

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